Dog Fever

Dog Fever is an exclusive line of 925 sterling silver jewelry with the characteristics of man’s best friend. A collection of jewelry that creates a unique bond and makes it more special ‘s agreement with your dog. A brand signed made in Italy.


A group of friends with three great passions: fashion, Italian design and that faithful four-legged friend, your dog. Dog Fever was born so. An Italian brand that combines elegance, quality and love in a precious and unique jewel . As unique as the love that dog and master alloy. An exclusive collection created by young Milanese, backed by a significant professional experience in the jewelry and fashion , they decided to combine their skills to embark on a new road and give life to an original project and valuable.


The team aspires to transform the affection and commitment to our pets into tangible symbols. Like friendship he has many facets, so the symbols that remind us of our connection to someone can be expressed in many forms. The most common, is the ring. We take him with pride and in return gives us a sense of comfort and belonging. Become our commitment to the partner and the friend we love and remember every day. This gives rise to intuition and the creation of an entire line of jewelry made in Italy trying to give shape to these emotions . The Dog Fever team with his first creation, Hug Collection, becomes simply a hug in a jewel to put on her finger . In each jewel blend well craftsmanship, research and feelings to create an embrace that has more than a hundred words. The Jewel Fever Dog materializes a friend from whom one does not separate, so the colors are mixed with the colors of our days. Each jewel is a symbol of eternal friendship. Rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and key rings are the elements that characterize the Dog Fever collections. Dog Fever is a declaration of love. The line pays tribute to all breeds of dogs most known in the world , highlights the characteristics and expresses its natural vitality. A research brand, which uses silver as an element of imagination into matter , and absorbs the heat of a special affection without dispersing. A jewelry line designed for those who love dogs and more.


The craftsmanship, colors, innovative designs and combinations of precious metals and precious stones make Dog Fever products of unique and distinctive jewelry. Just one look to recognize your puppy. The dedication and careful study of our designers carefully reproduces the most famous and beloved dog breeds in the world. Each jewel and ‘entirely designed, made and hand painted by our goldsmiths and miniaturists enamellers in Italy , with passion and experience working with precious metals and return a signed collection, exclusively made in Italy. The Fever Dog jewelry glazing refers to the classic colors of dog breeds present. By submitting photos of your pet Dog Fever smalterà the jewel faithfully and with his form and its colors . For those who love customizing 360 degrees on some collections you can also add an engraved with the name of your dog. Designed for those who want to stand out.


A kennel for Life is a non-profit organization and its mission is to save the animals (especially pets like dogs and cats) abandoned and imprisoned in cruel Perreras of Granada, where many of them are first abused and then brutally killed . Dog Fever actively supports this association since its inception.

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